Guide to Creating Your Advertisement

Entering Your Property Details
Adding Photographs
Paying For Your Listing
Receiving Inquiries
Making Changes to Your Listing
Search Results Order

Entering Your Property Details

  • How do I fill in my property details?
    It's easy, just click Sign In, register and follow the instructions on the screen. It is a good idea to draft the copy for the descriptive text in your word processor.
  • Do I have to check all the information boxes?
    Yes, please check all the information boxes that apply to your property and area. These act as search criteria for travelers on the site.
  • Currency Display
    Enter your rates in the currency in which you want to be paid. If you accept other currencies, include that in the rental rates notes.
  • Saving and Previewing
    Your information is saved when you click "Save Changes" or "Save and Continue". While entering your details, click "Preview" to see the listing as it will appear on the live site.
  • I can't sign in to the advertisers area - what’s wrong?
    To register or sign in on Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, use version 4 or above. Upgrades are available free of charge via the internet from Microsoft ( and Netscape ( or from your ISP. Safari and FireFox are recommended for Mac users to view our site. Avoid beta versions of any Internet browser.

Adding Photographs

See the Guide to Uploading Photos for details.

Paying For Your Listing

  • How can I pay for my advertising
    The easiest way to pay is online with your Visa, AMEX or Mastercard. GreatRentals also accepts checks in US Dollars drawn on a US bank. Checks made payable to GreatRentals should include the property number and be sent to:

    3801 S. Capitol of Texas Highway, Suite 150
    Austin, TX 78704
  • Do you send invoices or receipts?
    You can view and print a full Invoice/Receipt by signing in to your account and clicking "View Order History".
  • When will my listing be live?
    Once you fill out all the required fields and we recieve your payment, our staff completes a one to two business day review of your listing. Then it is made live on the site.

Receiving Inquiries

  • How do I receive inquiries?
    Visitors to the site who are interested in booking your property can contact you using the information you provide on your listing (telephone, e-mail, or fax).
  • How do I know I am receiving all my inquiries?
    To protect you against spam, Internet Service Providers (ISP's) can block e-mails without you or us knowing about it. Check the Inquiries tab on your Owner home page to see all e-mail inquiries sent to you by GreatRentals, and add GreatRentals to your e-mail address book to ensure you receive communications from us.
  • What if the person making the inquiry puts in the wrong details?
    Unfortunately there is nothing we can do if a traveler enters their contact information incorrectly. We receive exactly the same information as you do.
  • If I advertise more than one property, do I have to enter my contact details separately for each listing?
    No. The contact screen remembers your contact details and automatically enters them for any new listing. Select "Add a new contact" in the drop down list and key in the new contact name with details for a different property.
  • How can I tell if the inquiry is genuine?
    The vast majority of visitors to GreatRentals are genuine people looking for a vacation home. However, if you are not comfortable with the traveler after corresponding with them, don't take the booking. Never to pay out money to a potential guest until you are absolutelly sure you have secured the funds.

Making Changes to Your Listing

You can make changes to your listing at any time. Sign in to your account and click "Edit Listing".
  • How soon will the changes appear?
    Changes to your listing will be updated on the site within 24-48 hours.
  • Rental Rates
    Keep your rental rates up to date. If all the rental rate dates you entered have expired, no rates will appear in the search results or in your listing.
  • Availability Calendar
    Update your availability regularly to prevent misleading potential renters. Sign in to your account and click "Update Calendar".
  • Can I put a different property in my listing?
    No. Each listing has a specific property number and is linked to specific property. Changing the property for a given property number would lead to confusion and possibly misrepresentation.

Search Results Order

In no particular order, the primary factors that influence the order of search results on GreatRentals are:
  • Updated Calendars: Users prefer listings with calendars that are kept up to date.
  • Number of Photos: Users prefer listings with more photographs. HomeAway Network subscribers have the opportunity to include all 12 photos at no additional charge.
  • Special Offers: Listings which are running a current Special Offer provide additional benefits to renters.
  • Structured Rates: Users prefer complete, detailed information about the rental rates of properties they are considering. Use the rental rates table provided on your listing.