Guide to Increasing Marketing Success

Creating Your Listing
Maintaining Your Listing
Responding to Renter Inquiries

1. Creating Your Listing

Write Clear, Concise Copy
Organizing the most important ideas first is critical. Think of your listing as a pyramid, with the key points first and details added as you progress.
  • Headline - keep it short, capture attention and include key search words.
  • Property Description - include location, accommodations, proximity to attractions, and most compelling features, such as fireplace, outdoor beach shower.
  • Further Details - add details that set your property apart but are not covered in the top of the listing, like guest comments.
  • Consistency - avoid contradictions in your copy like quoting four bedrooms in the text and entering one double bed only on the amenities page.
  • Use Standard Capitalization - Do not use all capital letters for headlines. In Internet etiquette, this is the equivalent of shouting.
  • Write Short, but Clear Complete Sentences - Keep your copy concise. Travelers will look to your photos for description.
  • Use Plain English - Avoid slang, jargon, colloquialisms or abbreviations.
Choose great photos
Photos are the most important selling features of your listing. See 's Guide to Uploading Photos for more information.

Quote Realistic Rental Rates
  • Keep rental rates clear, simple, and realistic.
  • Six or seven lines in the rental rates table should adequately cover different seasons.
  • If your rate is on the high end, make your photos and copy communicate the value of a higher price.
  • Beware of significantly lower rates than other properties; you might attract lower-quality renters or being perceived as a “low-end” property.
Confirm the Accuracy of Your Contact Information
Check the accuracy your e-mail address, telephone, fax, and mobile telephone numbers on the Contact tab. Once your listing is live, send yourself an e-mail inquiry to confirm that you in fact receive it.

Use Appropriate Extra Services
  • Extra photos: HomeAway Network listings recieve 12 photos with purchase of the listing. Non-HomeAway Network listings recieve the first 4 photos free; an extra 8 photos can be purchased for $30.
  • Special Offers: If you have a special offer for your property, you can give it extra promotion on GreatRentals for $10 per week with a 2 week minimum. Visit the Guide to Special Offers for more information.
  • Featured Listings: You can feature your listing on a location-specific landing page in order to attract more inquiries and bookings. One month as a Featured Listing is only $29. Visit the Guide to Featured Listings for more information.
Fill in all the boxes!
See GreatRentals’s Guide to Creating your Listing. It is important to fill as many property/location/activity text and check boxes as appropriate, because these are used by travelers as search criteria.

2. Maintaining your listing

Update and Confirm Property Availability
It is essential that you update or confirm your availability regularly to prevent misleading potential renters. Sign in to your account and click "Update Calendar". Change the availability from the default status of "unknown" to the correct status, otherwise your property may not appear in certain search results.

Keep rental rates current
You can enter rental rates as often as you like -- up to two years in advance. If all the rental rates you have entered in the rental rates table have expired, no rates will appear in the search results or in your listing.

Refresh copy and photos
You can update the copy in your listing at any time, at no charge. Change your listing often to include the information people are seeking in the inquiries they send. It is also a good idea to refresh your photos after you redecorate, change furniture, or as gardens grow or change with the seasons. This attention to detail provides guests with a much better picture of what they might expect during a stay.

3. Responding to Renter Inquiries

Reply Promptly:
People who visit GreatRentals send an average of two inquiries. A fast, professional response can help ensure that your property is the one they book.

Supply Extra Information:
It is a good idea to include well-written follow-up details with your response to e-mail inquires. At this stage, people are interested in your property and extra bits of information will influence their decision.