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Guide to Avoiding Fraud

GreatRentals goes to great lengths to protect its advertisers and users from fraud. However, new fraud schemes arise frequently, and the best way to protect yourself is to be aware, to understand how they commonly operate, and to know which steps to take to protect yourself.

Avoid Possible Fraud

Never accept a check or draft for more than the amount due for the rental; this is a telltale sign of fraud. If you are offered more, insist on receiving only the amount due, or just stop communicating with the traveler.

Banks and Fake Checks

Checks may take one or two days to clear through a U.S. bank, depending on each bank's specific procedures. Checks will take three days or longer to clear in countries outside of the US. If there is not enough money in the issuer's account, or if the banker's draft is a fake, your bank may not realize that there is a problem for a number of days.

Delays in the system, the mail, weekends, and bank holidays add to the time elapsed. Your bank account statement may even show that the money has been deposited; however, the bank may subsequently take the money back out of your account when they realize that there are no funds in the issuer's account.

GreatRentals does not claim to be an expert on the intricacies of banking systems around the world. If you have any suspicions, seek advice from your bank.

Staying Vigilant

If you have any hesitation about a potential renter, a suspicious inquiry, or notice unusual behavior from a guest, seek appropriate assistance immediately.