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Advertising - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   "Can we make changes to basic page set-up?"
A.   No, our 'templates' are set up the way they are intentionally. We hope to present each property's information in a consistent way for the ease of the vacationer. Description info, rates, headings and photos appear in the same place for everyone, so vacationers can access the info quickly and conveniently.
Q.   "What's the best way to make changes to a posting?"
A.   You can make changes at any time. Simply login to the Owner/Manager area and click 'edit listing.'
Q.   "Some pictures on the web look excellent, while some are not so hot, what's up?"
A.   Most owners find that the picture was poor to start with (pictures taken on cloudy days, or with bad exposure levels, etc.) Polaroids, xerox copies, houses obscured by trees, shots taken at bad angles, all can look pretty bad on the web. People submit photos from their brochures which, due to the 4-color printing process, result in cross-hatching or moire patterns. In these cases we ask that you take the time to procure a better photograph and resubmit it. Best results come from 3 1/2" x 5" or 4" x 6" 35mm photographs. Sunny days with plenty of blue sky in the background never hurts. We urge owners to constantly rephotograph their rental homes to get some great pictures. The small amount of time in taking pictures pays big dividends in number of rentals.

Q.   "How quickly can you get a page up and running on the web?"
A.   Your listing goes live once you have paid and entered the minimum required fields (noted by required). A key item needed to go live is a photo of your property.
Q.   "Why am I not getting calls?"
A.   There are a number of things you can do to stimulate bookings.

1) Add more photos and/or update your photos with better pictures. It's easy and it really pays off. Using a digital camera, take updated pictures of your property and the surrounding areas/views.

Photos sell! Properties with more photos do significantly better than properties with only a few. We believe photos to be so important to the success of your ad, that all photos are FREE!

2) Refine your property title and description, take advantage of all the new amenities to better communicate all the things your property offers. Log in and review your listing.

3) Promote a Special Offer to catch last minute renters or to highlight your property during slow periods. To learn more, see Special Offers
Q.   "Why am I getting plenty of calls but no bookings?"
A.   Don't rule out that your rental rate is just too high. Compare with other owners in your area and bedroom size, just as the vacationers do. Put yourself in their shoes and see if you'd rent your spot. Our belief is that if you take any given ten rentals in an area, 3 spots will get 50% of the calls, 6 will split the remaining 50% and someone will get very few. The main determinant? Price.
Q.   "How can I get through to a real person?"
A.   Just give us a call at 1-512-493-0368 (8AM-5PM CST, Monday thru Friday) or contact us at http://support.homeaway.com