About Us

GreatRentals.com was founded in 1996 by Pat and Jan VanVoorhis to market their vacation condo in Florida. Today, GreatRentals.com has become a collection of more than 29,000 vacation rental homes, condos, cottages and cabins.

GreatRentals is a HomeAway Web site. HomeAway.com is the world's most complete vacation rental marketplace, offering the easiest way to find vacation properties online. With real-time calendars and multiple photos, our Web sites connects travelers with the perfect rental, from condos to castles and bungalows to villas. More owners and managers list their properties directly with HomeAway then any other vacation rental Web site in the world, resulting in listings from more than 90 countries across six continents.

GreatRentals and HomeAway are members of Rentors.org (www.rentors.org). The purpose of Rentors.org is to provide owners of vacation rental properties with tools, calendars, and guest books that can be used on any Web site.

GreatRentals is located at:

1011 W. 5th St, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78703

HomeAway is privately held, and has offices in London, England, Kassel, Germany and Hardy, Virginia.

If you need to call us, please dial 512 493 0368 during normal business hours, 7:00-7:00 CST. If you have overall site questions or suggestions please contact us at: http://support.homeaway.com.

Vacationers: Please keep in mind that all inquiries on specific rentals should be directed to the homeowner, either by phone or by email. You can find that information for each owner on the individual property listings.