Greece Vacation Rentals

Rent a Greece villa or vacation rental to explore this wonderland of ancient sights, gorgeous beaches, and deserted islands. With an array of oceanfront villas and beach houses to choose from, a Greece vacation rental is perfect for family vacations or romantic getaways.

Mainland Greece is bordered by the Ionian Sea on the west and the Aegean Sea on the east. In the Peloponnese region, guests of Greece vacation rentals can visit the Byzantine ruins of Mystras, the Temple of Apollo in Corinth, and the ancient Olympic Arena and the Temple of Zeus in Olympia.

In the capital city of Athens (Athinai), guests of Greece vacation rentals can visit the classical temple of Hephaesteion and the excellent National Archaeological Museum. At the Acropolis, guests of Athens villas and vacation rentals will find: the Acropolis Museum, showcasing artifacts found on the site; the Parthenon, a world-famous temple dedicated to the goddess Athena; the Erechtheion, a temple to Athena and Poseidon; the Propylaea, which is the gateway to the Acropolis; and the Temple of Athena Nike.

There are more than 1,000 islands in the Aegean Sea, ranging from the popular resort of Mikonos to tiny un-inhabited islands. On the island of Rhodes (Rodhos), guests of Rhodes villas and vacation rentals visit the Rodhos Museum and the gothic Palace of the Grand Master, which housed the Knights Hospitallers. Other highlights include the remains of the 3rd century B.C. Temple of Aphrodite, the Mosque of Suliemann, and the Archbishop's Palace.

On the island of Crete (Kriti), guests of Crete villas and vacation rentals can visit the fascinating archaeological site of Knossos, a palace dating to 1,700 B.C. Highlights in Crete's capital city of Iraklion include the Tomb of Nikos Kazantzakis and the superb Archaeological Museum. In Rethymno, guests of Crete villas and vacation rentals can relax on the beautiful Pig's Beach and One Rock Beach. Other attractions for guests of Crete vacation rentals include the Venetian Inner Harbor and the gorgeous blue lagoon of Balos in Hania.

On the beautiful island of Corfu (Kerkira), in the Ionian Islands, guests of Greece vacation rentals can follow in the footsteps of Homer's Odyssey and enjoy lovely beaches such as the Korissia Lagoon and the Paleokastritsa beach with its magnificent views. Other highlights for guests of Corfu villas and vacation rentals include the Byzantine ruins near Kassiopi, the Museum of Asiatic Art, and the Achilleion Palace, now an elegant casino.

Greece makes the perfect getaway for couples, families, or groups. From luxury accommodations to family-friendly vacation homes, there’s a Greece vacation rental that’s perfect for you. Book your Greece rental now for the best selection!

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